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Body Language In a Job Interview: Do’s & Don’ts

Have you ever wondered how your clothes, speech tone or even body language interfere in your job interview? Choosing the appropriate outfit is important, but your gestures, posture and facial expressions are also key to a successful interview. This is [...]

Sweep Up Your Digital Dirt Before Embarking on Your Job Hunt

Sharing a bit of your personality online can certainly boost your likeability during a job search but if a recruiter finds drunken or risqué photos, negative comments about previous employers, and contradictory resume details (among other such online blasphemy) tied [...]

The Top Tweetchats for PR, Communications, and Social Media Pros

Tweetchats are mini, online networking events that allow you to learn new skills, provide your expertise, and interact with others in your industry in real-time without ever leaving your desk. You don’t even have to get dressed if that’s not [...]