Frequently asked questions on HooJobs

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How much do listings cost?
$299 for full-time and freelance positions and $1500 for a 6-Post Package (a savings of $294). If you purchase a 6-Job Pack, you can post your jobs whenever you want (they will not expire).
How long will my position be online?
30 days. After that, you can extend your listing for another 30 days for $49. If not, the position is automatically removed from the site.
When will my job listing appear?
Once posted, your job listing will appear immediately.
What is a Featured Job?
A Featured Job will be listed for 7 days on our homepage where it will receive more visibility. Your listing will also appear at the top of any search results. The fee for a Featured Job is $10 a day for 7 days.
How do I edit or delete my job?
If you need to edit or delete your job listing, contact us.
Where else are my positions posted?
We post your positions on the Hoojobs social network (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), on the Hoojobs RSS feed, through e-mail subscriptions, and on our partner sites.
Can I search candidate resumes?
We are not currently offering a candidate resume bank.
What are my payment options?
We accept all major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and American Express).