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What Does a PR Agency Director Do?

Becky Olson is a Director at Golin with more than 10 years of word-of-mouth (WOM), social media and public relations experience, working with CPG, travel and leisure and food and beverage clients. Today she shares with the HooHireWire some insight [...]

What Does a Digital Communications Strategist Really Do?

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what a Vice President at a mid-size PR agency does, here’s your chance to find out. Today on our Hoo’s Who Industry Insider Profiles, we learn from Laney Landsman, an Assistant Vice President at Makovsky. [...]

What Does a Social Media Communications Specialist Really Do?

The Hoo’s Who: Industry Insider Profiles blog series is a compilation of interviews with communications professionals in various specialities and levels. If you’re figuring out what’s next up in your career or looking to beef up your skills, keep up [...]

How Can Blogging Help Me Score a Job?

It’s tough to stand out when you’re one in a sea of job applicants, especially if you recently graduated and don’t have a ton of job experience under your belt. But you’re doing the right thing by reading this blog [...]

How to Start on the Right Foot in Your First PR Job: Advice from the Experts

If you’re nearing graduation and biting your nails about scoring your first job, you’re not alone. Every graduate wants that dream job, but few really know how to get it. When it comes to getting the inside tip on transitioning [...]

What Does a PR Account Manager Really Do?

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what an account manager does, here’s your chance to find out. While this role will vary slightly from one company to another, overall, an Account Manager will have many of the same duties and responsibilities. [...]

What Does a Global Communications Manager Really Do? (Part 2)

Hoojobs is dedicated to matching qualified job candidates with great career opportunities. In order to find out what it takes to work in the PR and communications industry, we went out and asked some proven professionals to share their insight [...]

What Does a Global Communications Manager Really Do? (Part 1)

One of our goals here at Hoojobs is to help you find your next job and be prepared when a job opportunity knock on the door. In order to make a well informed career decision and be a good candidate [...]

What Does a Corporate Communications Director Really Do? (Part 2)

“Hoo’s Who: Industry Insider Profiles” is a series where Lindsay Olson from Hoojobs asks Communications professionals to describe what they do and to outline the skills and experience needed to get a job in the industry. Here’s the follow up to [...]

How to Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

You’ve heard that LinkedIn is a fantastic place to connect with potential employers, but you haven’t really found benefit in it as of yet. Maybe you’re only connected with past co-workers and college buddies, and aren’t sure how to network [...]