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What Does a PR Agency Director Do?

Becky Olson is a Director at Golin with more than 10 years of word-of-mouth (WOM), social media and public relations experience, working with CPG, travel and leisure and food and beverage clients. Today she shares with the HooHireWire some insight [...]

Are Job Boards Outdated?

We can all agree on something: generalist job boards are not seeing their best times. Famous large-scale job boards have shown a decline in revenue per posting as they face competition from those that focus on niche markets (targeting jobs [...]

Public Relations Salaries: Know Your Market Value

How much should you be getting paid? This is without a doubt the million-dollar question. Whether you’re currently employed, looking for a job or even recruiting for a position within your company, having a salary range in mind is crucial. [...]

10 Tips to Writing a Better Job Description

  You can’t understand it: every time you look for a new job candidate, you’re flooded with resumes. The problem is, few of them are actually qualified for the position you’re trying to fill. And when you interview the best [...]

Twitter for Dummies: What You Need to Know to Tweet Like a Pro

Always Listen Before You Tweet If you’re new to Twitter, you should start by listening to the pros. Search for and follow professionals, enthusiasts, companies, and innovators in your industry. Add anyone you follow to a list to help you [...]

Stand Out by Finding Your Niche in Public Relations

Niche marketing, or marketing that is targeted to specific audiences, is essential for businesses to create demand and a loyal following for their product, brand, or service. The same tactics can be applied to your public relations career. The more [...]

How to Use Hoojobs to Find a Job

At Hoojobs, we understand the job search can be brutal. Eager job seekers are forced to dig through advertisements and fake job postings, fill out endless applications, deal with fussy resume uploaders and somehow stay positive while they do it. [...]

The Hoojobs Guide to Social Media Jobs & Salaries

  Employment in social media has been on the rise, and it’s important to note that not all social media jobs are made equal. Employers and job seekers alike can be hazy on what qualifications are needed to get the [...]

Agency vs. In-house: Career Advice for Public Relations Pros

PR professionals constantly debate which is better – agency or in-house? If your curiosity sparks, and you’re wondering what it might be like to work on the other side, there are a few things to consider before jumping in. Each [...]

3 Steps to Land an Entry-Level Public Relations Job

Public Relations is a difficult industry to break into. We constantly hear from recent PR grads seeking advice on how to get their start. Securing an entry-level PR job takes some work and you must have a clear plan of [...]