About us

Hoojobs is a leading job board for public relations, communications, and marketing professionals.  

Our goal is to connect companies with specialized talent, make advertising the open positions simple, and allow applicants to quickly and easily connect with employers.  

We launched Hoojobs in 2010 with the mission of providing professionals in PR, social and communications a streamlined experience to applying for jobs specifically in their niche. No need to scour through irrelevant job posting and outdated job postings. We want the candidates to apply quickly and directly to the employer, without having to jump through all the hoops most job sites require. For employers, we want applicants to have a frustration-free experience in applying for a job, and allow you to pinpoint talent specifically in the industry.  

Our parent company, Paradigm, has over 20 years experience in PR and marketing recruitment and cross posts your open positions to a network of industry professionals, allowing you to engage with an extended passive candidate pool.


We're about making it easy.

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