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What Does a PR Agency Director Do?

Becky Olson is a Director at Golin with more than 10 years of word-of-mouth (WOM), social media and public relations experience, working with CPG, travel and leisure and food and beverage clients. Today she shares with the HooHireWire some insight [...]

What Does a Social Media Communications Specialist Really Do?

The Hoo’s Who: Industry Insider Profiles blog series is a compilation of interviews with communications professionals in various specialities and levels. If you’re figuring out what’s next up in your career or looking to beef up your skills, keep up [...]

What is Gamification and How Will it Transform Your Future Workplace?

Terms like ‘gamification’ and ‘social HR’ have been making their rounds among human resources and recruiting professionals for the past couple years to describe the way the industry is transforming through the use of social technology. In 2013, these buzzwords [...]

The Informational Interview: What It Is and Why You Should Do It

We spend a lot of time here at Hoojobs talking about interviews, whether it’s how to prepare for them, what to expect from them, how to ace one, or how to follow up afterwards. One type of interview we haven’t [...]

How to Give Your LinkedIn Profile a Boost in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you are frantically job searching or happily employed, you need to make it a priority to update and polish your LinkedIn profile. With over 175 million registered users to account for, LinkedIn has truly become the Facebook of the [...]

What Not to Do When Writing an Online Job Posting

Contrary to popular belief, the first step to hiring a new employee is not digging up the last job description you used and re-posting it online. It may feel like a casual endeavor but writing a current, relevant, and concise [...]