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How to Find an Internship

Finding your first job is tricky: employers want you to have experience, but how can you gain experience unless someone’s willing to take a chance on you? Fortunately, internships can provide you with fantastic work experience that will make you [...]

10 Career-Related Things Your College Professor Can’t Teach You

We operate under the false assumption that college fully prepares us for the work world. In fact, it doesn’t. A professor can only teach you so much, but the rest you can only learn by having a professional job. Don’t [...]

Internships – Do’s and Don’ts

If you plan to take on an internship to become more hireable after you graduate, you are making a career-boosting decision. You’d be surprised how much an internship can strengthen your resume, especially if you don’t have any relevant work [...]

6 Reasons to Move Back Home After Graduating

You’ve finally finished what seemed like eons of college studies! You’re armed with a degree and vast knowledge about communications or PR. The problem is…no one’s hiring. You’ve sent out hundreds of resumes and cover letters to no avail. And [...]

10 Tips for New Grads Looking for a Job

Now that you’ve earned your degree in Public Relations or Communications, you’re ready to dive into the workforce. Not so fast, young grad. It’s a vicious world out there in Corporate America. These 10 tips will help you beat out [...]

7 Tips for Surviving Your First Entry Level PR Job

  Whether you’re fresh out of college or you’ve had a couple internships, your first entry level PR job will throw you more than a few curve balls. Expect to learn more practical knowledge in the first four to six [...]

7 Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

While we spend most of our time educating our readers on different ways to land a job offer, it’s also important to know when accepting an offer isn’t in your best interest. Even in an economy that bears few interviews [...]

Sweep Up Your Digital Dirt Before Embarking on Your Job Hunt

Sharing a bit of your personality online can certainly boost your likeability during a job search but if a recruiter finds drunken or risqué photos, negative comments about previous employers, and contradictory resume details (among other such online blasphemy) tied [...]

Basic Communications Skills for Entry-Level Employees

To excel in your first job out of college, you’ll need to add a few tricks to your communications toolbox. As an entry-level employee, you’ll be working in new situations, with people that are older and more experienced, and will [...]

3 Places to Start Networking… Now

Some people seem to have an innate ability to establish personal connections, even with strangers, while many of us cringe at the thought of schmoozing at a social event. Regardless of your starting point, networking is an essential life skill [...]