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What’s the Best Time and Day To Apply For A Job?

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How to secure an interview is not an exact science, but you could improve the odds by sending your job application at the “right” time. After scrolling through loads of message boards, recruiters’ opinions and studies, we can say that timing is key to landing your desired position.


Much has changed in the past 10 years since the Internet took the world by storm and changed completely the way we look for jobs and offer openings. Back then we would rely on limited daily options posted on newspaper classifieds. The ads were sold by the day, which means companies would choose the best day to run them according to each newspaper’s outreach. As most people would purchase the newspaper only on weekends, that’s when many employers would select to post job ads – and attract a bigger audience.

Nowadays, you can find jobs almost instantaneously, as companies don’t need to wait for a specific day to run their ads. If they need a new team member, the biggest concern is where to promote the opening in order to attract the most qualified candidates. 

Most recruiters will go through their emails no matter the day they were sent, but not all companies have one specific position to deal with the hires, so you might as well check when your employer is most likely to check emails. 

BEST TIME TO EMAIL has gathered studies on open and click through rates for email marketing. Almost 24% of the emails are open within the first hour of being received. Which means, when applying for a job keep in mind when your employer is more likely to check their inbox.

According to those studies, messages sent in the early afternoon have better chances of being noticed, and consequently, achieve better results. Another research by The Relevancy Group stated that 66% of online consumers check their email account multiple times per day, with 13% of online consumers actually checking their email hourly or more frequently. So make sure to pay attention to your cove letter in order to get noticed.

Best Time To Share Infographic Whats the Best Time and Day To Apply For A Job?

BEST DAY TO APPLY analysed over half a million job applications and 15 million job posts on their site and discovered that if you send your resume on a Monday, you have higher chances of getting an interview. Their data show that 30% of the candidates secured an interview, the highest percentage of any day of the week. The worst day would be Saturday, with only 14% of applicants advancing to the next stage of the hiring process. Still, they don’t explain the reason behind this – it’s just what the numbers show.

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“The best day of the week to apply is on Monday, first thing, so the application is at the top of a recruiter’s inbox,” said Andy Dallas, director of Robert Half Financial Services. “Monday mornings are generally spent going through emails and preparing for the week ahead, so if you can time your application accordingly, you will be top of mind.”

Timing is difficult to get exactly right. In reality, there is no bad time to send your job application, unless you wait too long. We still believe that a killer cover letter overcomes all odds, and just like romance, don’t expect the perfect time – just go for it when you find the one! A recent study by TheLadders found that you should apply to a job within 72 hours after it has been posted online, because the chances of your application even being opened after this period drops by 50 percent. That’s also why your resume must always be up-to-date and ready for submission.

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