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Are Job Boards Outdated?

Are Job Boards Outdated?

We can all agree on something: generalist job boards are not seeing their best times. Famous large-scale job boards have shown a decline in revenue per posting as they face competition from those that focus on niche markets (targeting jobs [...]


4 Challenges for Social Media Professionals, and How to Overcome Them

  Think getting hired as a social media manager or associate was the hard part? Think again. In order to develop your skills professionally, you’ll need to stay sharp on the ever-changing landscape of social. 1. Social Media Changes Daily [...]


8 Must-Have Resume Keywords That Will Land You a Job in PR

  Even if you have a degree in Public Relations or Communications, sometimes accurately describing your own work experience is the hardest task of all. You’re too close to the situation, and you often can’t view your resume with an [...]

The word Mentor in magazine letters on a notice board

Finding a Mentor Using Social Media

In an ideal world, you’d have relationships with plenty of people who would make great mentors for you professionally. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Whether you live and work in a small town with fewer industry resources and connections, [...]


15 Signs You’re Cut Out for a Career in Social Media

If you’re considering a job managing social media for a company, you should not only have experience doing so, but also certain characteristics. While some of these are meant to be tongue-in-cheek, you might be surprised at how many fit [...]


3 Bad Social Media Habits to Kick for Good

Everyone has a bad habit or two and most people at some point have attempted to stop; whether it’s smoking, indulging in sweets, or even saying ‘umm’ or ‘like’ too much. In the workplace, professionals often work to cut down [...]


Social Media for Nonprofits in 2013

In 2012, nonprofit organizations of all causes learned to harness the power of social media to raise awareness, fundraise, and create communities. It’s easy to see why. Social networks provide a cheap and effective gateway for nonprofits with tight budgets [...]


Twitter for Dummies: What You Need to Know to Tweet Like a Pro

Always Listen Before You Tweet If you’re new to Twitter, you should start by listening to the pros. Search for and follow professionals, enthusiasts, companies, and innovators in your industry. Add anyone you follow to a list to help you [...]


The Hoojobs Guide to Social Media Jobs & Salaries

  Employment in social media has been on the rise, and it’s important to note that not all social media jobs are made equal. Employers and job seekers alike can be hazy on what qualifications are needed to get the [...]