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Resume mistakes

10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making on Your Resume

Consider your resume your foot in the door to a potential job. If it’s not error-free and in the appropriate format, hiring managers won’t even dive in to see if you’re qualified for the role. But sometimes resume mistakes go [...]


8 Must-Have Resume Keywords That Will Land You a Job in PR

  Even if you have a degree in Public Relations or Communications, sometimes accurately describing your own work experience is the hardest task of all. You’re too close to the situation, and you often can’t view your resume with an [...]


SEO for Resumes: Using Keyword Optimization in Your Job Search

As the hiring process gets more and more electronic, job seekers have to change their tactics to fit the automated way that employers conduct their candidate searches. You can almost guarantee that a large company is using an Applicant Tracking [...]


Best Practices for the Modern Cover Letter

Given the rising popularity of online job applications, it is debated as to whether the cover letter is still necessary. You may not think so, especially if the job description doesn’t ask for one, but for career advisors and HR [...]


5 Quick Resume Fixes

Technical mistakes are sometimes the easiest ones to make. When working on your resume, pay close attention to these five details that can cause even the most qualified candidates to be overlooked. Formatting an electronic resume –  Most companies prefer [...]


The Resume: 3 Secrets to Getting It Right

Resumes require maintenance. When searching for a job, you should always revise your resume before you apply. Deciding what information to include can be tricky and many candidates struggle to represent themselves effectively within such tight constraints. So how do [...]