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Procrastinate At Work To Boost Your Productivity

Procrastinate. Take a nap during work. Skip an office day. Yet be even more productive. Do we sound crazy? A bit, but we invite you to open your mind for a moment and embrace some unusual tips to boost your [...]


How Important Are Job Perks for Job Satisfaction?

We’ve all heard of the crazy in-office perks that you get at tech companies such as Google and Facebook. From video games and nap rooms to onsite hair salon and free massages, these places seem like a dreamland for those [...]

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Why You Should Let Your Staff Work from Home

With all the buzz in the news recently about employers and their stances on working from home — Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer is against it; everyone else is for it — it’s no surprise you’re questioning whether it’s a good decision [...]

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What is Gamification and How Will it Transform Your Future Workplace?

Terms like ‘gamification’ and ‘social HR’ have been making their rounds among human resources and recruiting professionals for the past couple years to describe the way the industry is transforming through the use of social technology. In 2013, these buzzwords [...]


5 Steps to Dealing With Difficult People in the Office

Not everyone in an office will be best friends or even like each other and (for the most part) that’s fine. In fact, many psychological studies suggest that people of diverse backgrounds tend to make more productive work teams. But when [...]