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Why You Should Let Your Staff Work from Home

With all the buzz in the news recently about employers and their stances on working from home — Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer is against it; everyone else is for it — it’s no surprise you’re questioning whether it’s a good decision [...]

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10 Tips to Successfully Training a New Hire

Given that employee turnover costs your company money —  according to a recent CAP study, the cost to replace mid-range positions like those in Public Relations is 20% of the annual salary — you want to do whatever you can [...]


10 of the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make in Hiring

When it comes to who you hire at your company, you want to get it right the first time so that you’re not constantly filling the same position. If you rush the hiring process, you’ll end up making costly mistakes. [...]


What You Should Really Care About When Interviewing Job Candidates

  If you dread the interview portion of the hiring process, you’re not alone. After all, choosing your next employee is a big decision, and one that can be difficult to make after speaking to a candidate for just 30 [...]


How to Make the Most of the Golden Hour After Being Laid Off

If you were recently laid off, you’re probably unsure of what your first move should be. Should you wallow in self pity? Start looking for a job? Whatever you do, now’s the time to do it. When it comes to [...]


10 Tips to Writing a Better Job Description

  You can’t understand it: every time you look for a new job candidate, you’re flooded with resumes. The problem is, few of them are actually qualified for the position you’re trying to fill. And when you interview the best [...]


What Not to Do When Writing an Online Job Posting

Contrary to popular belief, the first step to hiring a new employee is not digging up the last job description you used and re-posting it online. It may feel like a casual endeavor but writing a current, relevant, and concise [...]


6 Common Interview Blunders Hiring Managers Make: Part II

  Continuing from last week’s post, today we discuss three more interviewer blunders that can have a negative effect on your employment campaign. 4. Testing or Stressing Out Your Candidate Some hiring managers make the mistake of attempting to simulate [...]


6 Common Interview Blunders Hiring Managers Make: Part I

  Contrary to what you might think, there are always at least two people in the hot seat during an interview; the candidate AND the interviewer. Conducting an interview properly requires skill and practice and can make the difference between [...]