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Are Job Boards Outdated?

Are Job Boards Outdated?

We can all agree on something: generalist job boards are not seeing their best times. Famous large-scale job boards have shown a decline in revenue per posting as they face competition from those that focus on niche markets (targeting jobs [...]


What Does a Corporate Communications Director Really Do? (Part 2)

“Hoo’s Who: Industry Insider Profiles” is a series where Lindsay Olson from Hoojobs asks Communications professionals to describe what they do and to outline the skills and experience needed to get a job in the industry. Here’s the follow up to [...]


What Does a Corporate Communications Director Really Do? (Part 1)

If you’re not sure what your career path holds or you wonder what skills and experience are needed to land your dream job, it can be helpful to gain insight into what a particular role looks like. That’s why Lindsay [...]

Resume mistakes

10 Mistakes You’re Probably Making on Your Resume

Consider your resume your foot in the door to a potential job. If it’s not error-free and in the appropriate format, hiring managers won’t even dive in to see if you’re qualified for the role. But sometimes resume mistakes go [...]


8 Must-Have Resume Keywords That Will Land You a Job in PR

  Even if you have a degree in Public Relations or Communications, sometimes accurately describing your own work experience is the hardest task of all. You’re too close to the situation, and you often can’t view your resume with an [...]