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Hoo'sWho - Industry Insider Profiles

What Does a Digital Communications Strategist Really Do?

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what a Vice President at a mid-size PR agency does, here’s your chance to find out. Today on our Hoo’s Who Industry Insider Profiles, we learn from Laney Landsman, an Assistant Vice President at Makovsky. [...]


What Does Your Job Title Mean?

Senior PR Associate. Digital Media Manager. Content Marketing Coordinator. Do these job titles make a difference in your career? Should you really worry about the title you have? Job titles play a big role in today’s work environment, both for [...]


How Important Are Job Perks for Job Satisfaction?

We’ve all heard of the crazy in-office perks that you get at tech companies such as Google and Facebook. From video games and nap rooms to onsite hair salon and free massages, these places seem like a dreamland for those [...]


How to Start on the Right Foot in Your First PR Job: Advice from the Experts

If you’re nearing graduation and biting your nails about scoring your first job, you’re not alone. Every graduate wants that dream job, but few really know how to get it. When it comes to getting the inside tip on transitioning [...]


Do Your Parents REALLY Understand What You Do?

See if this scenario sounds familiar. You’re gathered at your parents’ house for a meal. Mom asks how work’s going for you. You start talking about the social media project you’re working on, and suddenly, you notice her eyes have [...]


What Does a PR Account Manager Really Do?

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what an account manager does, here’s your chance to find out. While this role will vary slightly from one company to another, overall, an Account Manager will have many of the same duties and responsibilities. [...]


How to Position Yourself for a Promotion

You’ve had it! You’re tired of remaining an underling in the office, despite going far beyond your job description. You’re ready to move up the ladder. You feel like you’re qualified for a promotion, but you don’t want to blow [...]


What Does a Global Communications Manager Really Do? (Part 2)

Hoojobs is dedicated to matching qualified job candidates with great career opportunities. In order to find out what it takes to work in the PR and communications industry, we went out and asked some proven professionals to share their insight [...]


The Secret to Making a Million Bucks: Negotiate Your Salary

Think one million dollars sounds like more than you’ll ever see in your bank account? In fact, you could earn more than a million over your lifetime if you ask for a raise right now. Recent research from shows [...]


4 Challenges for PR Professionals, and How to Overcome Them

Once you’ve got your dream job in public relations, you might assume you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Not so. PR professionals have several challenges to constantly overcome, and it’ll take effort on your part to make sure [...]