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Digital Communications

USA - Bethesda, MD
10 Feb

This job is no longer available.

You create Facebook ads and Twitter graphics faster than a speeding bullet. Your blog writing, video editing, and analytics reporting skills are more powerful than a locomotive. You charm clients, play well with others, breeze through to-do lists, and you're able to gracefully juggle a half-dozen projects in a single bound.

Does that sound like you? Then we should talk.

We're Burness, a DC-area communications firm with a proud 30-year history. Our clients are nonprofit organizations that do all kinds of good. They work in public health, education, the environment, scientific research, food security, and a variety of other progressive causes. If Wikipedia had an entry for "meaningful work," we humbly suggest that ours could serve as an example.

Digital campaign superheroes come from all walks of life, but our guess is that you have experience in politics and/or marketing. Feel free to prove us wrong.
So, are you ready to help save the world on a daily basis? Write a paragraph or two that makes us really want to meet you. (Tip: The opening sentence should be awesome.) Include some work samples and a resume. Put "Digital" in the subject line, then send it all to ((...)).

And you can leave the cape and tights at home. Because along with excellent benefits, a competitive salary, and a collegial work environment, the Burness dress code is superhero (...)